An exclusive range of premium cigars.

De Kelle Cigars is the place to be for all cigar aficionados. That’s why we invite you to our store where you can experience the most refined flavors. Thanks to our extensive range of premium long filler cigars you’ll definitely find what you are looking for. In addition to the Cuban classics, we offer a high-quality selection of cigars from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, among others.

At De Kelle Cigars we focus on expertise and quality. This is proven by our very own Habanos Specialist quality mark, an exclusive and reliable quality label for the true tobacco specialist. That’s why Christof and Nancy are more than help you find the right cigar for you!

Your cigars, perfectly stored

Thanks to our walk-in humidor, our premium cigars are stored under optimal conditions. This way we can guarantee you the best quality for all our cigars.

Find your ideal cigar at our store.