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Caroni – 100% Trinidad Rum – Volume I + II by Stephen Mayer

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The result of five years full-time research, this extraordinary book chronicles the demise of the sugar cane industry and the Caroni distillery in Trinidad from a variety of perspectives: that of the local people, that of key employees, that of Angostura – the last remaining distillery in Trinidad, of Luca Gargano, who rediscovered the incredible stock of barrels, and of Carsten Vlierboom from E.A. Scheer, who appraised the barrels in 2000. But this work is much more. It explains well for any reader the production of rum in general and the differences at Caroni. It reveals the last mysteries of the distillation stills of the Caroni distillery. It also sensitizes the rum collector regarding many issues, starting from the acquisition and storage of bottles to the recognition of counterfeits. The reader will find illustrations of all known original Caroni bottlings before the closure, as well as all bottlings after the company ceased operations. They are supplemented by a great deal of additional information, such as the correct bottle numbers of the bottlings, which many have been eagerly awaiting, and background information on the bottlers. This work comprises 1136 pages in 36-cm landscape format. The two volumes in a slipcase weigh a total of 9.4 kg and were produced in Italy in the highest quality. Caroni – 100% Trinidad Rum is limited to 2,000 books and individually numbered. The book is multilingual – English, German, French and Italian, all in each book.

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