How to smoke a cigar?

Smoking a premium cigar is an adventure, meant to be enjoyed from start to finish. Discover how to properly smoke a cigar.

When smoking a cigar, it all starts with making the right choice. That choice depends entirely on your personal taste. However, it is important that the colour of the wrapper is smooth and shiny.

New cigar smokers are advised to begin with a smaller, relatively mild cigar. For example a vitola, like a Mareva, which you’ll find with any brand. Seasoned smokers usually make their decision based on the time available. This is because a long filler cigar is made to increase in flavour while smoking. It would be a shame to put a cigar aside before it has had the chance to show its true nature. So make sure you have the time to smoke your cigar.

Have you made a decision? Gently squeeze the cigar between your thumb and your index finger to test its condition. While smoking, there are a number of criteria that should be considered:

  • A cigar should burn and draw well, which is the result of the filling. A cigar that is rolled too loosely will draw easily, but will also burn faster and taste too hot and bitter. A tight draw, on the other hand, will produce less smoke and therefore less flavour.
  • A cigar should burn evenly. An uneven burn indicates poor quality.
  • The ash needs to be firm and should measure at least 1 inch without falling off.
  • The head of the cigar needs to be firm but flexible.
Cutting the cigar

Step 1: Cutting the cigar.

Cut the cigar above the line where the cap and the wrapper meet. You need to make an opening that ensures a smooth draw. You don’t want to cut too high up as it may cause your cigar to unravel.

Een sigaar correct aansteken

Step 2: Lighting the cigar correctly.

To light a cigar you need to take two things into account:

  1. The first is to light your cigar with an odourless flame. Using an oil-fueled lighter or a scented candle will alter the essence of your cigar. Instead you should use a butane lighter, a cedar spill or a sulfurless match.
  2. The second is to take your time and work with precision. Keep your cigar at a 90-degree angle and rotate until the entire surface glows evenly. Place the cigar between your lips and keep the flame about half an inch away. Take a couple of gentle puffs and keep rotating your cigar until it’s properly lit. Gently blow the foot to check if your cigar is burning evenly.
De sigaar roken

Step 3: Smoking the cigar. Enjoy!

A long filler should be smoked slowly. Smoking too fast will overheat your cigar, which can spoil the flavour. Cigar smoke is also never inhaled. Let the smoke circulate in your mouth and act on your taste buds. Relax and enjoy the subtle flavours of the tobaccos in the blend. You can smoke a long filler for at least three quarters of its length.

It’s okay to relight your cigar in case it goes out, but remove any loose ash first. It’s absolutely not done, however, to tap your cigar nervously, like a cigarette.

How to smoke a cigar?

Step 4: A dignified goodbye.

When the sad moment comes to part with your cigar, don’t crush it. Lay it to rest in the ashtray where it can die with dignity.

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